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British University Vietnam (BUV) currently provides 17 bachelor programmes, under 4 schools: School of Business; School of Hospitality and Tourism; School of Creative Industries; School of Computing and Innovative Technologies, and an MBA programme.


Delivered in English by 100% international qualified faculty, these programmes are awarded by BUV and 4 UK institutions: Staffordshire University, University of London, University of Stirling, and Arts University Bournemouth. BUV’s training programmes and lecturers strictly follow the standards managed by the British Government.

Over 14 years of development, BUV is considered a symbol of educational cooperation between the UK and Vietnam.

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To help the students to accelerate development of their English level within a short period of time and/or achieve the goal of studying in preparation for future academic settings
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To prepare the students with basic knowledge, skills and learning method to pursue degrees at BUV
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With 17 bachelor programmes, the students are encouraged to discover and ignite their passion, choose the right path to success.
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The BUV MBA provides a roadmap for developing your leadership skills, renewing your mindset and improving your ability in management.
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International qualified faculty

With years of experience in renowned universities & organisations worldwide, and a deep understanding of British higher education system


Has secured job or admission to higher education within 3 months of graduated

National and international industry partners

Offering internship opportunities from 1st year

Accredited British & International Education

Award by 4 universities: University of London, Staffordshire University, University of Stirling, Arts University Bournemouth

5-star campus, learning experience & services

165 million USD invested campus

Unique Personal & Social Growth Programme

Specially designed for students to grow into well-rounded and adept in a wide range of aspects aside from academic
CoursesFrequently Asked Questions
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Can international students enrol?

We always welcome international students to BUV. There are currently students from all corners of the world pursuing world-class education at BUV.
International students should submit their applications early to have enough time for obtaining visas to Vietnam.

Why do students need to complete the Foundation courses before entering the bachelor’s programmes?

According to the standard British education system, after graduating from high school, students need to take a foundation course before entering an official bachelor’s degree programme. The benefits of the foundation courses are as follows:
– Prepare students to study at the Undergraduate level, and equip them with quantitative analysis techniques;
– Ensure students have adequate knowledge at the higher education level by practicing suitable teaching and learning methods;
– Help students develop positive, logical, and creative thinking as well as discipline and diligence;
– Provide students with interesting and challenging lectures and support them in developing soft skills
for their future work.

How are English courses in BUV different from others?

English courses at BUV are designed per international standards and taught by 100% international teachers, providing an innovative learning environment that helps students develop their English skills effectively. The class sizes are small, and students are encouraged to use English in class to communicate with their peers and lecturers via activities namely games, role-plays, and discussions on current events and issues of society and the world. The courses equip students with required English comptencies for work and study.
Furthermore, students shall have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including technology-integrated classrooms and a library with abundant resources amidst BUV’s multi-functional learning spaces situated in the green oasis of Ecopark.
Apart from helping students achieve a high proficiency level of English to study and work in an international environment, the course will provide students with essential skills in research, academic reading and writing, and presentation skills to get the best results when pursuing a UK degree.

I am having an IELTS certificate of 5.5. Should I retake the test to obtain an IELTS score of 6.0 before applying to BUV?

With an IELTS certificate of 5.5 (with no skill below 5.0), you can enroll for the four-week IELTS Intensive course at BUV (subject to availability), after which you will be accepted directly into the Foundation programme without having to retake the IELTS test.

Have any classes of BUV students graduated? How are the graduation rates and their career opportunities?

By the end of 2021, nine cohorts of BUV students have graduated with amazing figures. 100% of graduates get a job or go on further study within three months of graduation.

Have any classes of BUV students graduated? How are the graduation rates and their career opportunities?

What do our students say?

Have any classes of BUV students graduated? How are the graduation rates and their career opportunities?
Do Quang Vinh – IELTS 8.0 IELTS
IELTS Part-time Student
The teachers at BUV and the syllabus really focused on helping students conquering the IELTS exam. It was incredibly helpful attending classes at BUV with those mentors. The exercises and activities aimed to refine our comprehensive and productive skills. The extracurricular activities were amazing as well. Besides working on the workbooks and mock tests, teachers were skilled in identifying areas of weakness and working with us on them. They altered the curriculum effectively to best fit students’ abilities. Protection Status