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Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Bachelor in International Hospitality ManagementProgramme Overview

  • Degree: Bachelor in International Hospitality Management (Awarded by British University Vietnam)
  • Programme duration: 4 years (Full-time)
  • Location: BUV Campus, Ecopark, Hanoi
  • Timetable: Student’s timetable will be sent to BUV student’s emails prior to the commencement date of each semester

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Globally work-ready

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Teaching Excellence

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Internship opportunities at 5* hotel from 1st year

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Delivered 100% in English

  • Career Opportunities: Our Bachelor in International Hospitality Management is designed to prepare you for management careers in the exciting and fast-paced hospitality industry both domestically and globally; including Operations Manager, General Manager, Restaurant Manager, Management Development Programme Trainee, and Event Manager.
  • Comprehensive Insights: The programme not only ensures you are provided with specialist knowledge in subject-specific areas ranging from food and beverages, rooms division to accounting, marketing and human resources but also focuses on equipping you with the managerial skill sets to be ready for management and leadership positions, or even to start your own business in this field when you graduate.
  • Practical and Hands-on Learning: Our degree is delivered with a highly practical teaching and learning approach and uses state-of-the-art practical training facilities on BUV campus.
  • Career Opportunities: You will also regularly engage with top employers in the hospitality industry and be exposed to multiple opportunities to explore the field in action.
  • Real World Exposure: You will be encouraged to go on internships where you can gain professional work experience to strengthen your competencies in the real-world working environment and be ready to pursue career opportunities worldwide.
Bachelor in International Hospitality ManagementCourse structure
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 1
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 1

English for Higher Education

Business Skills

Fundamentals of Cuisine

Fundamentals of Food & Beverage Techniques

Introduction to Hospitality

Hygiene & Sanitation

English for Academic Purposes

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 2
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 2

Beverage Studies

Applied F&B Services

Business Communication

Room Division Operations

English for Hospitality 1

Professional F&B Service

Room Division Management

Wine Studies

Computing for Hospitality 1

Introduction to Management

English for Hospitality 2

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 3
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 3

Principles of Marketing

Introduction to Accounting

Menu Design & Costing

Quality Standard Management

Computing For Hospitality 2

Project Management (CSR)

Convention & Banquet Sales

Employability, IT and Reasoning techniques

Intergrated Marketing Communication

Managerial Accounting

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 4
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management Year 4

Human Resources Management

Employability (Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Citizenship)

Premises Planning & System Design 1

Food Sociology

Research Methods

Industry Research

Premises Planning & System Design 2

Hospitality Business Plan

Law for Tourism & Hospitality

Organisational Behaviours

This module will equip students with a greater ability to communicate through writing, and speaking, as well as enhance their receptive skills with reading and listening. Overall, students will learn key foundational skills in academic English and develop a greater ability to use English in both formal and informal settings. The aim of this course is to build a strong foundation for students to extend towards more specialist, academic forms of English usage and comprehension.
Throughout this module, students will be taught on the various types of hot and cold beverages commonly served in hospitality and the service method required. Moreover, they will discover the main principles of mixology and bartending, allowing the preparation of mocktail using shaken, direct and stir method. Finally, students will be exposed to liquor knowledge allowing them to upsell effectively.
This subject is design to provide in-depth knowledge about the concepts of Marketing and Marketing mix. This subject deals with the learning and understanding of the principles of marketing in hospitality and tourism areas. Students will be taught on the deeper part of market targeting and marketing planning. The methodology involved bringing in real-life scenario as a part of the discussion and mini cases are included as exercises to assess and strengthen students’ analytical abilities.
This module covers the pertinent human resources management functions in hospitality and tourism organizations such as job analysis, human resources planning, recruiting, selecting, training and developing employees, performance management, appraisal and retention, as well as compensation, safety and health. The human resource management concepts that influence employees’ behavior will be discussed too so that students would be equipped with the skills and ability to work with people.
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Programme outcomes

Programme Aims Programme

Learning Outcomes

1 1.1 Organise food service based on set standards, monitor operational implementation and control outcomes.
1.2 Control compliance to standards and procedures in room division.
1.3 Plan procedures and set SOP to achieve given outcomes.
2 2.1 Comply with the hospitality code of conduct and demonstrate industry values.
2.2 Stimulate and motivate colleagues.
2.3 Modify actions with respect to local cultural, environmental and legal matters.
3 3.1 Keep abreast of trends and overall changes in the hospitality industry and wider market.
3.2 Collaborate effectively with other departments to achieve common targets.
4 4.1 Present yourself and your team in the best light through effective presentation skills.
4.2 Write professional documents (reports/proposals) targeted to a particular audience.
4.3 Design templates to communicate operational information effectively to all staff (updates, standards, target etc.).
5 5.1 Ability to detect causes of successes and failures, and the potential consequences to all parties and stakes involved.
5.2 Understand the corrective actions that could be taken to resolve challenges.
6 6.1 Develop ideas and actions to optimise the performance and profitability of your business.
6.2 Identify weaknesses in hotel operations management based on financial data or premises layout and develop actions plan.
6.3 Identify weaknesses in marketing activities when compared with the marketing strategy, and suggest corrective action.


Scroll Bachelor in International Hospitality Management
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management


The International Hospitality Management programme at BUV equips students with language, practical knowledge, and career-ready skills to give them a competitive edge in the hospitality industry, both in and outside of Vietnam.

Students following the International Hospitality Management programme will be work ready for supervisory or operational roles in both front of house and/or back of house:

  • F&B
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Office

Opportunities are wide open in 5-star hotels and resorts such as JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, Hilton, Intercontinental, Vinpearl or Sheraton.

Bachelor in International Hospitality ManagementAdmission requirements

Academic Requirements

Completed year 12 or equivalent

English Language Requirements

One of the following:

  • IELTS: 4.5 overall with a minimum of 4.0 in each component
  • Complete IELTS Foundation Course at BUV
  • BUV Placement Test result at Intermediate Level

*In case applicants would like to be considered for recognition of prior learning, interviews might be required (if applicable)

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

What do our students say?

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management
Nguyen Tran Mai Anh
1810 International Hospitality Management Cohort

I must say that I love my lecturers here, those who are very supportive, major-experienced and professional. They are willing to write several recommendation letters, spend time endorsing me on LinkedIn, or recommend me for certain opportunities. Their prompt support does contribute a lot to my career path. They not only teach me the theory, but they also share their working experience, which helps me a lot when I do an internship. Another thing that makes me fall in love with BUV is the student experience department, the SE team. This department does what its name says: enhancing the student experience. The SE team not only assists the students during the application and interview process for an internship, but also shows huge support whenever BUV students want to start a new project or an event.

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Programme pass rate

The pass rate for International Hospitality Management programme in 2022 is 100%.

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Fees & financial aid


Fee information is being updated.

Tuition fees Other fees* Total
UniPath VND 109,600,000 VND 27,400,000 VND 137,000,000
Degree VND 462,840,000 VND 115,680,000 VND 578,520,000
Scroll Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

* Other fees include Education Resource Fee and Student Affairs Fee

Tuition Fee & Fee Policy Tuition Fee & Fee Policy

Financial aid

The British University Vietnam (BUV) scholarship fund was established in 2018 with the goal of giving students the opportunity to study UK undergraduate and graduate programmes in an international learning environment. With an aim to improve and increase accessibility to high-quality education, BUV has officially launched the fund valued at 87 billion VND in 2024 with hundreds of scholarships and financial aid made available.

You can visit our Scholarship page to find out more and check your eligibility.

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