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star Workshops and seminars

To assist students in making informed decisions about their career choices, BUV Career Services team designs and organizes a variety of career activities catered to students’ needs. These activities include Career Fair, BUV Internship Runway series, career talks, skill workshops, field trips and specialized training series, fostering career development for BUV students. See more

What do our students say?
Workshops & Seminars
Nguyen Danh Gia Tung
Marketing Management Student

Now that you mention it, I can only recall the last workshop that I attend to, which is called “Developing resilience.” 

This workshop (as well as most of SE’s Workshop that I attend) are mostly about professionalism and social skills enhancement. I’m the one who would love to join SE workshop from day one, because I know clearly that I can learn a ton from these, whether it is about career development or soft skills. These are really useful; I wish more people could spend their time joining these events – which seems to be the thing that makes BUV stand out from other universities. 

star Extra-curricular classes and Short courses

As a significant component of the Personal and Social Growth (PSG) Programme, extra-curricular classes and short courses offered by BUV support students in developing their language competence, market sought-after skills, practical knowledge, as well as obtaining professional certifications and qualifications valued by employers, which will turn students into highly skilled and employable graduates.

An extra-curricular class on video editing skills

At the beginning of each semester, students have the opportunity to register for free extracurricular and short courses on various topics with interactive learning activities. Moreover, the courses’ topics are frequently updated, and new courses can be added according to the market’s ever-changing needs, as well as students’ interests and aspirations:

Skills development:  

  • Event planning and organising
  • Tour designing skills and mindsets
  • Public speaking
  • Creative writing
  • Multi-cultural communication and etiquette

Professional certifications and qualifications:  

  • AWS: Amazon Web Services Certification
  • CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • WSET: Wine & Spirit Education Trust

The Personal and Social Growth (PSG) Programme also offers free full-access Coursera licences to learn thousands of online courses on Coursera – one of the world’s leading online learning platforms, to equip students with sought-after knowledge, skills, and attitudes for future life and career success.

Each license provides unlimited access to learn 5400+ courses and guided projects, and to obtain valuable certifications from more than 275 leading universities and companies worldwide. There are a variety of courses and projects on Coursera, in a wide range of areas such as personal – career – social – academic, to meet the unique needs of each student and adapt to the ever-changing needs of society. A Coursera certification can also earn students competitive edges on the job market, show students’ efforts in personal development, and demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning.

Below are some of the course categories Coursera offers:

  • Expertise-related knowledge and skills (Business, Marketing and Communications, Engineering, Creative Industries, Tourism and Hospitality, Green and Sustainability,…)
  • Languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French,…)
  • Soft skills and employability skills
  • Research and academic skills
  • Emerging technologies and future of work
  • Pre-selected and recommended courses under the Personal and Social Growth (PSG) Programme: Work and Career Readiness; Community and University Engagement; Social, Cultural and Emotional Development; Academic Excellence.
  • … and many more
What do our students say?
Workshops & Seminars
Nguyen Tran Mai Anh
International Hospitality Management Student

Honestly, I am so fascinated by the variety of BUV workshops and seminars. It goes from work/study-related workshops to well-being workshops to life-experience workshops with so many experts and reliable people in the industry. For example, the most recent workshop I have joined are Professional Etiquette: “No” Boundaries (How to say “No” in the workplace and should we say “No”) and how to adapt with uncertainty. Others that impressed me were the “Boundaries” workshop (category: Well-being), the “Sex and the first time” workshop (category: Life-experience), the “Finance after Marriage” workshop and so on.  

It helps me a lot on the journey of self-reflecting and self-learning as each workshop, each speaker provides me with a different perspective and I can learn from that to adjust my attitude, behaviours, body language and words. Without the SE workshops, I could not have gained such achievements on my journey as I have now, and I could not have such healthy relationships as I have now.  

Generally speaking, it is a real treasure to BUV students. I feel like the SE department has made the best effort to bring the best knowledge to us. Very handy, I just need to take it! 

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