Yishun Junior College Visit - British University Vietnam

Yishun Junior College Visit

Posted on: 31/01/2018

On November 25th and November 26th, British University Vietnam were delighted to welcome more than 80 students and teachers from Yishun Junior College Singapore on their study trip. The group were greeted by Dean Christopher Jeffery, Student Experience Department staff and all members of the Students Association Committee.  

The visit quickly turned into a fun-filled and friendly sharing session where Dean Christopher Jeffery talked about his experience in Vietnam for the past 7 years, our Students Association Committee shared what makes BUV and its students different, and the Yishun Junior College group talked about the life and culture of Singapore. Our visitors also got the chance to attend a demo class and discussion session under the guidance of Dr. Hitoshi Iwashita – BUV senior lecturer, on the topic Globalisation Business Directions.

As an International University located in Vietnam, BUV offers British Education and British Degrees to not only Vietnamese students, but international students who wishes to experience a unique culture while continuing a world-class education.

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