Teacher’s Day at BUV - British University Vietnam

Teacher’s Day at BUV

Posted on: 31/01/2018

Showing gratitude and respect to teachers has been a custom cherished by Vietnamese for generations, and the International Teacher’s Day is a great opportunity for students to show their appreciation to teachers, the “guide” in their journey to knowledge. At British University Vietnam, our students keep that fire burning on Teacher’s Day, held on 17 November by these same talented undergraduates. This is how our students say thank to BUV’s international faculty.

The party was well attended by a lot of BUV-ers and all faculty members, with exciting games and interesting performances from both students and lecturers. BUV students presented a lovely self-made video clip with sentiments for each faculty member. On this occasion, our students would like to thank all BUV faculty for being our great lecturers, great mentors, and great inspirations.

Huyen Trang, President of BUV Music Club, said: “My best wishes to our beloved faculty at BUV! I am so grateful for your constant support and dedication in teaching. You inspired all of us and have been such a faithful companion in our journey at BUV. We are so thankful to be a part of this family and to have you, not just as our teachers, but also our friends.”

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