Study opportunities with "Uninterrupted study journey" at BUV - British University Vietnam

Study opportunities with "Uninterrupted study journey" at BUV

Posted on: 01/03/2021

The “Uninterrupted study journey” programme with the message “Go Further by Staying Local” from British University Vietnam is implemented to help Vietnamese students gradually release their study plan in an international learning environment in Vietnam and to exchange or transfer between BUV and other worldwide universities. With this scheme, students will have a clear study road map for strategic planning in higher education, from International Foundation Programmes (IFP), English programmes (IELTS) to bachelor’s degrees.

International Foundation Programme (IFP)

High school students who want to study abroad but are not able to, due to extenuating circumstances such as COVID-19 or financial constraints, can choose to study Pre-university programmes at BUV to save time before applying to study abroad. The International Foundation Program (IFP) at BUV, accredited by University of London (UoL), provides them with the foundational knowledge and skills needed before applying to Undergraduate courses in the UK or other global universities in the US, Canada or Australia, or continuing their study of Bachelor of Banking and Finance (UoL) at BUV after completing the IFP. BUV is one of 70 Registered Centers worldwide and is the only institution in Vietnam recognized by the University of London.

The IFP programme at BUV is seen as a time- and cost-saving solution when students take only one year to complete the course, instead of two years as is the case in many other pre-university programmes. Students are offered more opportunities to realise their “study abroad” dreams. Especially, at BUV campus, students are taught and trained in an international standard environment, with 100% experienced foreign lecturers accredited by UoL. As a result, students are well equipped with knowledge, skills and English capability to study abroad in the near future.

Undergraduate Programmes

Over 11 years of establishment and development, there are currently 11 bachelor programmes in 4 schools namely School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Creative Industries, and Computing and Innovative Technologies. The degrees are awarded by two prestigious UK universities, University of London, and University of Staffordshire. BUV’s training quality and faculty adhere to the standards set by the UK Government.

While doing the British curriculum at BUV, students can transfer to the University of London, or Staffordshire University, and many other UK universities which have the same academic credit system. For other universities around the world, BUV will support students as much as possible to transfer credits, as BUV is implementing Undergraduate programmes identical to those in the UK.

For international students studying at foreign universities who want to transfer to BUV, students need to send BUV the copied transcript of the university that they are attending, along with their high school diploma and language certificate. If students encounter any difficulties in the process of preparing transfer documents, they will be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelor students of BUV on the graduation

IELTS Programmes

Students who want to improve their English skills to study abroad or apply for international universities in Vietnam can take IELTS courses provided by BUV.

The IELTS programme at BUV is for students aged from 15 years old who can study alongside the high school curriculums. There are 4 courses that students can choose based on their timeline and convenience, including IELTS Pathway, IELTS Part-time and IELTS Intensive, supporting students for enhancing their English proficiency and well planning for study in an international environment.

The “Uninterrupted Study Journey – Go Further by Staying Local” programme provides a stable learning path for students and is a solid steppingstone for other future study plans. With a wish to equip with detailed information about the programme and its offers, the series of events “Uninterrupted Study Journey – Online Experience Day” on Sundays, March 7th and March 21st, 2021 will include many experiential activities such as:

  • Learning more about BUV’s “Uninterrupted Study Journey” programme and its study opportunities by joining students and parents’ sessions with BUV representatives
  • Engaging with BUV students who have studied abroad or those are planning to study abroad in order to build up a clear study road map in high education
  • Partaking one of 4 classes of majors and experiencing the online learning management system of BUV
  • Receiving consultancy from BUV admission team to get answers for those questions about BUV programmes and entry requirements

The series of events “Uninterrupted Study Journey – Online Experience Day” will help high school students experience the international learning environment at BUV

The “Uninterrupted Study Journey – Go Further by Staying Local” programme is considered as an appropriate choice for students to consolidate their study plan amid the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19. For more information about the event series, please access to BUV Online Experience day or contact us via 0966 629 909 and fanpage

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