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Parents meeting and academic award ceremony

Posted on: 31/01/2018

On November 3rd, BUV held a parents’ meeting to keep everyone involved in the university up-to-date status and to foster a deeper connection between students’ parents and the university. Parents were updated on the rate of progress of BUV Ecopark Campus, which is planned to be open for using from April 2018. In addition, parents were also kept informed about the student activities organised by BUV’s Department of Student Experience, such as: UK study trip with BUV, internship planning, CV writing workshops, employability enhancement seminars, etc. Most importantly, towards the meeting’s conclusion was the award ceremony for students with outstanding performance and contributions to BUV during the past semester.


Speaking with us, Phuong Ngoc, stated as followed: “I felt so honoured to be awarded with the Merits Certification. This is a recognition for all my hardwork during the last semester, and I felt so empowered. This acknowledgement is a great encouragement for me to keep pushing myself to greatness in the next years.”

Quynh Anh, student from 1704IBM and President of BUV Volunteer Club, said: “For me, being awarded the Contribution Certification is a great honour. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that BUV and the Department of Student Experience gave me, to learn and to work in such a diverse environment. Utilising that, I can make room for self-improvement and create a positive impact on society. And I will not cease to contribute and help as I can, as a BUV student and President of Volunteer Club.”


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