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Why doing an MBA in Vietnam is now the optimal choice?

Posted on: 12/03/2021

In the rapidly evolving business environment, skills development through an international MBA degree in Vietnam is a wise choice for graduates to excel in the job market post-COVID-19.

Improving knowledge and mindset

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has long been recognised as a professional passport to corporate managerial positions. Many CEO’s of world’s leading corporations such as Apple’s Tim Cook, Youtube’s Susan Wojcicky, or Alibaba’s Jack Ma possess an MBA in addition to subject-specific degrees.

The MBA programme provides both skills and knowledge on related to management which can be applied in a wide range of professions. It is the perfect addition to specialised skills and some years of working experience for individuals who wish to refine their managerial skills and advance to higher positions. Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Duong – CFO of Boyd Vietnam is one of those people: having acquired an Accounting – Auditing degree from National Economics University, an ACCA certificate alongside years of experience, she still chose to pursue an MBA at British University Vietnam (BUV) in order to improve on HR management as well as develop new opportunities through market insights.

Undertaking an MBA overseas was a familiar choice, opening career development opportunities. However recent years have seen a rise in popularity of MBA courses in Vietnam, especially international programmes with the same value of as a degree obtained overseas.

The MBA is also a highly practical programme which allows learners to improve their skills and knowledge through real examples. In addition, many MBA courses emphasise on personalisation, using learners’ real working experiences as materials for exercises and discussions. As a result, students can find solutions for their current companies or businesses, as well as propose new ideas. For Thuy Duong, after completing the course, she had found the answer to her problem with managing people: “I have learned to apply criteria to assess capabilities, allocate human resources, as well as communicate more effectively with employees. Moreover, my acquired knowledge on risk mitigation has helped a great deal in project management, improving profitability for my enterprise.”

An effective networking environment

Apart from the skills and knowledge, the MBA also offers an opportunity to establish a professional network. This is one of the most valuable benefits of the programme for Mr. Dang Le Duy – 1st MBA cohort at BUV, now Building Manager of HongKong Land: “My circle has been significantly expanded, not only from my fellow learners, from the experienced faculty but also from events organised by BUV for students throughout the courses. These networking events or talks and workshops with famous guest speakers from a wide range of industries have created for us more opportunities to work or partner up with many organisations and businesses.” Particularly, MBA courses in Vietnam with student networks consisting of mostly business managers in Vietnam facilitates the establishment of potential partnerships across the country.

“My classmates are all working people with years of experience and a wide professional network. After two years studying together, we’re now friends to support each other when needed.” – Mr. Dang Le Huy also shares.

Furthermore, the focus on building relationships also broadens learning opportunities as well as one’s vision – which is one of the keys to success. Because Only with a vision could leaders show themselves and their organisations the right path to travel, standing firm when facing difficulties and achieving significant successes. MBA courses with the opportunity to exchange and share practical “field” experience, multidimensional perspectives from leaders are fruitful added values for the students.

Getting ahead of the trend

The tendency to pursue international degrees or certificates in Vietnam is expected to grow even after the pandemic. This reality stems from high demand for high-quality workers who understand the market and possess global skills and knowledge. This market segment is currently lacking with just 11.6% of 53.15 million labourers in Vietnam being high-skilled workers, according to Manpower’s Total Workforce Index 2020. Therefore, acquiring an international MBA in addition to accumulating work experience in Vietnam will create a significant advantage for those focused on career advancement.

MBA courses in Vietnam usually have flexible schedules which are not disruptive to learners’ work. Another significant plus of doing an MBA domestically is affordability. With international MBA courses in Vietnam where tuition fees are lower and there are no incurring living expenses as there would be overseas, this advantage becomes even more notable as learners pay less for the same quality of international degree. In cases of Mr. Huy and Ms. Duong, choosing BUV was up to 70% less than studying in the UK.

MBA classroom at BUV

With many advantages such as quality, time and cost, an international MBA in Vietnam is a programme worth considering for individuals looking for breakthroughs in their chosen career.

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