The first winners of the British Ambassador Scholarship - British University Vietnam

The first winners of the British Ambassador Scholarship

Posted on: 06/10/2020

The British Ambassador’s Scholarship Award Ceremony of BUV took place at the residence of the British Ambassador to Vietnam.

The British Ambassador’s Scholarship programme, which was first launched in 2020 for the aim of providing British-standardised higher education to excellent candidates, is a full scholarship valued at more than 800 million VND and covers the tuition fees for Pathway programmes and an undergraduate course at the British University Vietnam awarded by UK reputed public universities.

At the ceremony, Mr. Gareth Ward – British Ambassador to Vietnam, shared that, the year 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the strategic partnership between the UK and Vietnam, and BUV is a symbolic model for the UK-Vietnam cooperation relationship in education. At the same time, 2020 also marks the 10-year journey of BUV’s establishment with many new changes in teaching methods throughout the development process. Through the speech, the British Ambassador congratulated the new students for the impressive achievement after a long and challenging application process, which makes themselves, and their parents, proud. From the UK side, the British Ambassador emphasized that the Embassy would continue to work with BUV to promote and support the future development of high-quality education in Vietnam.

Tran Phan Ha My – Freshman of BA (Hons) International Business Management

As a student of Phan Boi Chau High School for Gifted Students (Nghe An), Ha My made a great impression with her outstanding achievements, such as: second prize in a National Competition in English and a Fullbright Vietnam Scholarship. Ha My is also the Chairman of Book Club of school and co-founder of PIE (Project Initiative Empowerment).

Tran Phan Ha My – Freshman of BA (Hons) International Business Management

 Since she was a child, Ha My has always nurtured the intention of spreading positive values ​​to the community as a potential entrepreneur and a social activist. She learns how to observe and acquire new things from her surroundings, as well as learning how to build up a better society. This is also a strong motivation for her on preparing her portfolio applying for the BUV Scholarship. She said, “It is a process of reflecting on my own values, namely actively participating in extracurricular activities to find out what I am good at, read as many books as possible to consolidate the values ​​I pursue, and listen to other people’s advice when they want me to become better. Above all, I think about what I can contribute to the school, as I always keep in mind to treasure others when being given something.”

Le Nhat Nam – Freshman of BA (Hons) Marketing Management

With the desire to express his talent and dreams to the whole world, Nhat Nam has always strived to obtain outstanding achievements since he started to be a high school student of Phan Ngoc Hien High school (Ca Mau). Apart from impressive academic prizes, he also actively partook in the extracurricular activities as a co-founder of “My Special ESC” Club and a participant of DAIMUN in Da Nang.

Le Nhat Nam – Freshman of BA (Hons) Marketing Management

Strongly impressed with BUV curriculum after participating in online demo classes, Nhat Nam, with a great passion for English, realized that this is an ideal international learning environment that he always would like to be a part of. He knew he would study with 100% international faculty who are supportive and companionable, in a globally standardised environment where he would be encouraged to express himself and ignite his inspiration to other people. Nhat Nam was more determined to obtain the BUV Scholarship after being motivated by the “Ignite your passion” message from BUV, and decided to spend his 3 years to study and enjoy university days at BUV.

Quan Anh Thu – Freshman of BSc (Hons): Cloud Technologies/ Computer Science

Having an early passion for Computer Science from her father’s specialist magazine, Anh Thu has grown up to be a tech savvy person. At the age of 18, when deciding to pursue this career path, Thu applied for the Cloud Technologies major of BUV. She has gained many impressive academic and extracurricular activities and achievements such as an IELTS band score of 7.5 and “SheCodes Hackathon 2019” contestant.

Quan Anh Thu – Freshman of Cloud Technologies/ Computer Science

By taking the Pathway programme conducted at Chu Van An High school (Hanoi), Anh Thu had an opportunity to study with BUV teachers and was totally impressed with their dedication, supportiveness and effective teaching techniques. Also, the dynamic learning environment is a main reason for her to choose BUV to spend her next 3 years. Thus, Anh Thu was determined to obtain the scholarship to BUV, even though she acknowledged that the scholarship programme is very competitive.

Pham Thanh Long – Freshman of BSc (Hons): Cloud Technologies/ Computer Science

Similar with Anh Thu, Thanh Long has aroused his passion for technology and sees potential opportunities in Vietnam that the cloud industry brings in. Knowing that BUV is using cutting-edge learning and teaching methods, along with his first impression about BUV’s state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic learning environment, Long was determined to apply for a scholarship at BUV to realise his dream.

Pham Thanh Long – Freshman of Cloud Technologies/ Computer Science

Being inquisitive and highly disciplined, Long pays great attention to achieve outstanding academic performance and in English as well (with IELTS band score 8.0). He also takes participation in Water Wise Vietnam Project. After applying for a BUV scholarship, the biggest change that Long found in himself was his significantly improved communication skills, along with the ability to create and implement plans according to set goals.

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