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British University VietNam Teacher’s Day

Posted on: 28/11/2016

To show our gratitude to our dear faculty, BUV students organised a cozy and enjoyable party to celebrate Teacher’s Day on 18 November. The party was well attended by a lot of BUV-ers and all faculty members, with exciting games and interesting performances from both students and lecturers. BUV students presented a lovely self-made video clip with sentiments for each faculty member. On this occasion, our students would like to thank all BUV faculty for being our great lecturers, great mentors, and great inspirations.

Vu Viet Trung, a BUV student, said: “I always feel lucky and proud to be taught and motivated by professional and dedicated faculty. With a student-orientated spirit, they spend a lot of time helping students accumulate knowledge, answer enquires, chit-chatting with students after lectures and even buying us food sometimes. For us, they are like our family members. The faculty member I admire most is Aiman, a super-energetic person who takes great care of his students. Not only does he pay high attention to students’ studying progress, he also supports creative ideas for clubs’ activities and the students’ community”.

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