“Creative Problem Solving” Workshop equips students with soft skills.

“Creative Problem Solving” Workshop equips students with soft skills.

Posted on: 08/05/2017

On April 10th, “Creative Problem Solving” workshop hosted by the Student Experience Department attracted many freshmen to attend.  This was one of ten workshops providing students useful soft skills to help them study well and adapt easier to real working environment after graduate.

The guest of this workshop was Ms.Tori Dixon –Whittle, the founder and CEO of the fully-foreign-owned Vietnamese consulting company TDW Consulting Limited Liability Company, providing tailored strategic growth consulting, leadership skills development training, and advanced corporate learning programs to Vietnamese and foreign companies & corporations of all sizes. Only within 2 hours, the workshop gave students new perspectives about social issues with different levels from global problems to national, family and individual issues. So how to understand those issues, and have a solution, the way to handle the situation? Problem-solving skills, creative decision making, maximizing benefits, and minimizing risks are all revealed at the workshop.

Tran Tien Thinh, first year students of International Business Management said that: “The seminar with Ms. Tony was very exciting because her communication style was very interesting; the complex issues from the aspects of life became simpler and easier to understand. From there, she also teaches us the skills to make suitable decisions in different situations. By studying economics, I believe that these skills are very important and essential, not only for the current student life but also for future employment.”

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