“Club Day” – Member recruiting day for BUV student clubs

“Club Day” – Member recruiting day for BUV student clubs

Posted on: 08/05/2017

With 13 dynamic and energetic clubs created and run by BUV students themselves, freshmen are sure to have diverse choices that can be tough to make. To help freshmen in their process of choosing and joining a club, as well as bringing opportunity for the student clubs to introduce themselves, on April 21st, BUV Club Day was organized by non-other than the club members, with assistance from the Student Experience Department.

13 dynamic clubs and 13 unique information booths gave students an atmosphere fit to find friends with common interests or simply to just be a part of a group, a community whose cares are not only for academic matters. At BUV Club Day, each representative from each club gave a short presentation about their club’s activities, programmes and benefits of joining, capturing the attention of many potential members.

Participating in BUV Club Day, Minh Nguyet – 2017 freshman felt that “Club Day is an opportunity for freshmen to get to know BUV student clubs through friendly welcomes and informative introductions from club presidents and vice presidents. After talking and hearing them, I have decided to join the Volunteer Club and Business Empowerment Club. I believe that joining student clubs will allow me to meet and connect with other students at BUV and especially to have fun and relax after class”

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