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About Training Centre

About Training Centre

BUV Training Centre for English and Management Skills is a licensed provider of English Language and Management/Skills Training. With a strong track record of experience in international education, the Centre’s Management Board is committed to bringing international-standard learning to Vietnamese professionals to prepare themselves to communicate in English, knowledge and professional competences required for management and leadership within globally focused organizations.              

BUV Training Centre for English and Management Skills will provide continual opportunities for your personal and career development. We offer tailored courses with practical curriculum, highly experienced native English-speaking trainers, and a wide partner network of domestic and international enterprises and associations.

With 100% international trainers rigorously selected according to the standards of University of London, Staffordshire University from many different countries, not only have experience training at top universities but also playing the role Advisors / leaders of large corporations, BUV Training Centre confidently brings the top training quality in UK standards with advanced and updated professional knowledge that is closely linked to the reality of economies in the context of international integration.

Why choose us?

Diverse field-specific training programmes

Our training programmes cover a dynamic range of fields and professional skills essential to the modern economy including Leadership & Management, Economics, Banking & Finance, Marketing, Accountancy, Tourism & Hospitality, and Social Sciences.

Exclusively international faculty of global standard

We take pride in the exceptional quality of our faculty. BUV TC’s faculty consists of 100% international educators who have passed a rigorous selection process following the UK and global standards.

Blended learning model combining technology with traditional delivery methods

We design a combination of course delivery methods tailored to each organisation’s needs. This has allowed us to utilise the strengths of both modern and traditional delivery methods while mitigating their individual weaknesses. Our blended learning model has also enabled our clients to continue investing in their human resources despite disruptions from the business environment.

Enhancing professional capabilities effectively and efficiently

As we are educators by trade. It is our promise and our purpose to develop and cultivate the human element of society and organisations alike. We have been keeping this promise for the last 11 years and we will stay true to our commitment regardless of time.

Trusted by both the public and private sector in Vietnam

BUV Training Centre has been providing professional training of the highest quality to the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, the National Academy of Public Administration, Pacific Education and Trading Joint Stock Company, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone JSC, and many other organisations in both the public and private sector for over a decade.



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