BUV representatives at THESA 2017 - British University Vietnam

BUV representatives at THESA 2017

Posted on: 07/09/2017

In August, BUV representatives participated in the Trends in Holistic Education Symposium Asia 2017. The event brought together world-class speakers, thought leaders, educators and recognised practitioners to discuss the direction of the education industry and the impacts of emerging technology on education in the future.

Commenting on the impacts of Industry 4.0 – one of the main topics at the symposium, Mr. Christopher Jeffery – Dean of BUV said that “Education should always change and adapt to the development of its stakeholders, whether they are students or employers. Industry 4.0 means that students have to be free thinking, creative, and also have to know how to implement the skills and technology into their studies and work.”

Education is becoming increasingly more global, and with that, its growth potential is also increasing. As a typical example of this, students are gaining easier access to an increased number of online courses. This is a good sign for future generations of students, but is also a challenge for BUV and other traditional academic institutions. On this matter, Mr. Christopher Jeffery stated that “the human element will always be the core of business or any other areas. With that in mind, we at BUV strive to combine technology and resources with people. The future trends in education have been considered in the development process of British University Vietnam, and particularly in our Ecopark Campus. BUV students will be provided with the necessary package to be 100% work-ready in this new era.”

Also in attendance were Mr. Jasper Roe – English Programme Leader at BUV, and Dr. Mike Perkins – Quality Leader at BUV. The two representatives of British University Vietnam gave a presentation on “Tackling the Problem of Ghostwriters: Enhancing Academic Intergrity amongst Undergraduate Students.”

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