The British Ambassador's Scholarship is officially open in school year of 2021 - British University Vietnam

The British Ambassador's Scholarship is officially open in school year of 2021

Posted on: 01/01/2021

From 10 January 2021, Vietnamese students will be eligible to apply for the British Ambassador’s Scholarship valued at VND 800 million per individual for their studies at British University Vietnam (BUV). The BUV Scholarship fund and financial aid with a total value of VND 53 billion for the school year 2021, as well as application portals, will officially launch on the same day, providing many other prestigious scholarship opportunities for students in Vietnam.

To support talented students during their application process, at the official launch of the BUV Scholarship fund on 10 January 2021, Mr. Christopher Jeffery, Chief Academic Officer of BUV will provide information about the different types, application requirements as well as selection criteria for the scholarships. Additionally, previous winners will also share about their own experience applying, preparing documents, and present some strategic tips to impress the Interview Panel and win the scholarship.

The launch of the Scholarship fund also kicks off the first series of events at BUV in 2021, including BUV Experience Days on the 10th and 17th of January. On top of exploring scholarship opportunities, students will also take part in various activities: Choosing from 19 options students can experience a demo class of their favourite or desired subject as well as receive personal consultation on career orientation; take an English proficiency test and build a personal roadmap to conquer international universities; meet and mingle with BUV students who will talk about: subject selection, school selection, adapting to international university life, improving their English and IELTS score; exploring international-standard education to actively design their own futures and become the best version of themselves.

The series of BUV Experience Days with the message of “Design Your Future” will help students ignite their passion and decide their own future with confidence.

The BUV Scholarship fund and financial aid was established in 2018 with the aim of giving Vietnamese students the opportunity to pursue British undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in an international-standard education environment right here in Vietnam. In 2021, the BUV Scholarship fund will continue to be dedicated to providing students in Vietnam prestigious full scholarships including four British Ambassador’s Scholarships for exceptional well-rounded students and one Lion’s Heart Scholarship for less-fortunate students who have the will to overcome difficulties for outstanding achievements. In addition, the fund also covers many other valuable scholarships including: President’s Scholarship (75% tuition fee), Dean’s Scholarship (50% tuition fee), Talent Scholarship (20-50% tuition fee) for students with outstanding achievements in sports, culture and arts. The MOU Scholarship for excellent students from BUV’s partnered high-schools, alongside other financial aids for deserving students.

According to Mr. Christopher Jeffery – Chief Academic Officer of BUV: “We are looking for smart, talented, passionate students who have the ability to develop and contribute to the community. Be yourself, be confident, be honest and be determined to stand out. You are ‘investing’ in a project worth thousands of dollars, so you should make sure to spend enough time and effort on it.”

BUV students enthusiastically share on one of the Experience Days about their life at BUV

British University Vietnam is the first and only international university in Vietnam to provide certified British higher-education programmes and degrees in an international-standard education environment for Vietnamese students. With a mission to create graduates that represent a new generation of talented discoverers, explorers and creative thinkers educated, trained and prepared to thrive in 4IR fields of work and life, BUV has successfully built an exemplary international university with the integration of advanced technologies, boosting interaction and connection between lecturers and students, as well as ensuring the quality of outputs. During their studies, BUV students may choose to participate in exchange programmes with BUV’s partnered universities in the UK at the same tuition fee as in Vietnam, or overseas transition by transferring credits to study at 150 partnered universities of University of London and Staffordshire University in 45 countries.

BUV students on Graduation Day

To find out more about the BUV Experience Day series – “Design Your Future”, please contact us via hotline 0966 629 909 or Facebook fanpage

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