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Scholarship Calendar

The British Ambassador’s Scholarship

(*) Please note that The British Ambassador’s Scholarship is not applicable to current British University Vietnam students.

Selection Process and Timeline

Step 1 - Application Period Opens 

We begin with a road show programme at high schools in Hanoi, to introduce the The British Ambassador’s Scholarship.

    Applicants can register for the scholarship through various channels:
  • Online registration on BUV’s website (www.buv.edu.vn)
  • At British University Vietnam, Ecopark Campus, Ecopark Township, Hung Yen

Step 2 - Guidance on applications

Candidates need to submit their full application with academic transcript of Year 12 and other supporting documents to complete the scholarship application package.

Supporting documents required for your full application by include:

  1. Scholarship application form
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Notarised copy of National ID card
  4. Notarised copy of high school graduation diploma or relevant 
  5. Notarised copy of the original high school transcript
  6. IELTS / TOEFL certificate (if available) in need of financial support (if relevant)
  7. Evidence of disability (if relevant) or in need of financial support (if relevant) 
  8. 2 passport-sized photos (must be 2 copies of the same photo taken within the last 6 months)
  9. Notarised copy of certificate or award or prize (if available)


  • All documents that are not in English shall be translated to English and certified.

Step 3 - Shortlisting

Step 4 - Informing shortlisted candidates

Step 5 - Scholarship finalists announced


A Scholarship Panel is established annually to approve a short-list of candidates.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email and post.

The finalists will be informed of detailed schedules and guidelines for next steps.

Step 6 - English proficiency test


Applicants who are not available for this test or cannot be contacted will have their applications withdrawn unless they have submitted a valid IELTS certificate of minimum 6.0 with no individual sub-band below 5.5 with their application. If candidates do not live in Hanoi, arrangements to attend the test will be undertaken at the centres authorised by British University Vietnam closest to the candidates’ place of residence.

Step 7 - Final Interview


Only the top 20 candidates will be invited to attend a formal interview with the Scholarship Interview Panel at BUV Ecopark Campus.

Applicants will need to travel to BUV Ecopark Campus for the final Interview. All agreed travel costs (flight/ train and bus ticket – economy class only) will be covered by the University.

Step 8 - Winner Announcement

Step 9 - Award Ceremony


All short-listed candidates will be informed of the final decision.

To receive the scholarship students will have to agree to the written offer and to the terms of scholarship.

Scholarship Calendar

1. Introduction

The British Ambassador’s Scholarship programme is a full scholarship valued at more than 800,000,000 VND and covers the tuition fees for Pathway programmes and an undergraduate courses at the British University Vietnam in addition to the travelling cost for attending the scholarship interview round for students who are not in Hanoi and Hung Yen (if needed). BUV Bachelor programmes are taught in Vietnam but awarded by UK reputed public universities.

A key feature of the programme is to contribute to Vietnam’s development through providing the world class higher education opportunities offered at the first British owned university in Vietnam. The awardees are selected based on a combination of previous academic performance, relevant experience of community work and the potential to become leaders in the public sector, business and academia. The scholarship programme is named after The British Ambassador to Vietnam, including 04 full

2. Fields of study

The scholarship programme applies to the following courses, which are entirely taught at BUV:

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

BSc (Hons) Computer Science: Cyber Security/Cloud, Networks and Security

BA (Hons) Marketing Management

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

BA (Hons) Tourism Management

BA (Hons) Events Management

BA (Hons) Contemporary Creative Practice: Graphic Design/ Illustration/ Photography

BA (Hons) Computer Games Design and Programming

3. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, all applicants must:

(a) Be a citizen of Vietnam and reside in Vietnam at the time of application,

(b) At the time of application be not more than 30 years of age,

(c) Before being awarded the scholarship, have completed secondary school at the time of application with a minimum of GPA in Year 12th of minimum7.5,

(d) Submit a personal statement, (please refer to the 6 questions in the scholarship application form) by the stated closing date,

(e) Meet the English language entry requirements of the applied programme of study,

(f) Not hold any other scholarships.

4. English Requirements

There are no requirements for evidence of English ability at the time of application, however the language in use in the application and both interview rounds will be English. Hence it is recommended that applicants should have a minimum English achievement level equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0

5. Selection Criteria

A Scholarship Panel will select candidates based on an assessment of the following factors:

Academic results

Volunteer/Community work experience

Relevance of proposed study

Need for financial support

Potential contribution to the University

Leadership potential

6. General terms and conditions

Awardees are eligible for the scholarships during the time that they are studying the 3-year course and Foundation is required. The withdrawal of a student at any time will lead to the scholarship being terminated;

British University Vietnam will not refund any fees paid for courses which have been or are being studied by scholarship winners.

This scholarship will cover all tuition and resource fees only, other charges are not included. The scholarship will be deducted from the annual tuition fee of the winners and subject to change upon the winner’s academic performance. Continuation of the award is subject to successful completion of all assessments;

Should the applicant withdraw from the programme before satisfactory completion of the programme, he/she will have to comply with the Refund Policy laid down by the British University Vietnam;

If a scholarship holder withdraws from the programme of study, the University reserves the right to obtain full reimbursement of the tuition fees, and any other fees and allowances that have been incurred. These must be repaid to University within three months of withdrawal.

8. Application Form

Download the final Scholarship Application Form Here:

Where and when to submit your applications Application submission deadline: 25/05/2021.

Emailed or faxed applications will not be considered. All applications with all supporting documents must be hand-delivered or sent via post to:

The British Ambassador’s Scholarship Programme

British University Vietnam – Ecopark Campus, Ecopark Township, HungYen.

Previous Winners

Phan Thi Nguyen Phuong

Nguyen Duyen Ngan

Nguyen Thi Mai Ngoc

Nguyen Hong Tham

Phan Thi Nguyen Phuong

Graduating from Quoc Hoc Hue High School for the Gifted, as an English specialised high school student, Phuong was exposed to foreign information and had developed an international mindset for a long time. She knew that she wanted to pursue her higher education in an international environment. That's what led her to BUV.

Being the co-founder of a project bringing English lessons to orphans in orphanages all around Hue city called L.I.F.E (Lasting Inspiration For Education) and taking part in several social activities throughout high school gave Phuong the confidence to walk into life and reach for opportunities. This and her 8.0 IELTS score helped Phuong to get an internship slot at Vietnam Business Forum right from the first semester of her freshman year.

Phuong commented “BUV provides an international learning environment that not only prepares you to be ready for the labour market in the future but also equips you with the essential skillset. This is what makes BUV the most desirable educational environment for me.

Nguyen Duyen Ngan

Duyen Ngan graduated from Singapore International School with highest score in Cambridge University's AS level Mathematics. Ngan has been nurtured in a British education environment since Highschool and she realised British education offered her the opportunities to grow, to be mature, and to achieve her ambitions. With passion and hard work, Ngan was awarded with the Academic Awards and Merit Awards every year from year 9 to year 12, for her outstanding GPA. Most notably, in year 11, she scored an excellent 123/125 points in overall for Algebra and Arithmetic, with tests modeled by Cambridge University, and surpassed thousands of candidates to achieve the highest scores .

Ngan does not just have an outstanding academic results, she also proactive and energetic in other fields. With passion of contributing to the development of community, Ngan joins ‘Volunteer for Education’ organisation to bring a better education environment for disadvantaged children in rural areas in Vietnam.

Duyên Ngân shared “I'm having a great time at BUV, with activities such as going on field trips to global firms, where I learnt a lot. The events and students clubs, especially the dance club,  are also the very special aspect at BUV because students themselves are the creators and contributors, and they create great moments for eveyone."

Nguyen Thi Mai Ngoc

Ngoc graduated from Tran Phu Gifted High School with a GPA of 9.2, achieved an IELTS 8.0 and won the 3rd National Prize for English.

Following the desire to help others develop, during high school years, Ngoc got engaged in several educational works and social activities, especially those concerning career and culture education for children. She also has a passion for writing short stories and poems. One of her short stories was chosen to be featured in writing community Launchora’s Summer e-collection 2017.

Ngoc quickly got engaged in the international environment and truly fall in love with BUV since she has got the chance to meet many talented seniors and enthusiastic lecturers who are inspiring and encouraging Ngoc to get out of her comfort zone. Earlier this semester, Mai Ngoc got elected as the President of BUV Business Empowerment Club. Though this is totally a new challenge and experience for Ngoc, she is excited to explore more adventures at BUV.

Nguyen Hong Tham

Tham’s background was a student major in Literature at Chu Van An High School. During high school years, she was able to keep her academic record outstanding with the GPAs were always ranging from 9.0 to 9.1. Not only excel in academic, Tham was also proactive in extra-curricular activities, both inside and outside the school. She was the Leader of the Broadcasting Board and a member of the C-Team – organising department of Chu Van An Youth Union. Tham also impresses people with her independence as from early days as a student, she has worked for some jobs such as teaching assistant for English class and design intern for a Vietnamese teaching corporation. Currently, she is working for USGuide organisation, which previously conducted several events such as You Can Do It and Mentoring Program.

Tham used to be a student in top university in Hanoi, however, since she didn't find herself attuned with the traditional style of learning, she convinced her family to attend an international environment like BUV. With great effort, she succeeded in achieving this valuable scholarship and attend this dynamic university, where she believes she can develop herself for further education and later career as a businesswoman.


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