Meet Directly With A Representative of the University of London

Posted on: 28/01/2016

Meet directly with a representative of the University of London, find out about and apply for degrees from the University of London in Vietnam on 31st January, 2016.

The British Royal Family established the University of London on January 28th, 1836. With extensive educational experience, the University of London has produced Nobel Prize winners in different fields. In addition, 7.5% of United Kingdom millionaires studied at UoL, which serves as confirmation of the quality and good reputation of the university. The University of London is one of the oldest and the largest universities in the world with 17 member universities and 10 research institutes that train over 170,000 students around the world ( The University of London was ranked in the top 10 universities in the world for 2015 (, and in terms of career prospects UoL is rated as number one in the UK.

In Vietnam, British University Vietnam (BUV) has been licensed to train and admit students for the BSc in Banking and Finance, which is awarded by the University of London and follows the curriculum taught in London. Students on this programme will receive a world-class education and be equipped with the depth of knowledge and necessary skills to be ready to work in the field of global banking and finance.

Do not miss the chance to have a meeting with a representative of the University of London and to find out about UoL. Take the opportunity to apply to the University of London in Vietnam and receive a British degree with global value.

On January 31st, Mr. Chris Jenney – Head of Global Institutions Liaison- University of London International Programmes – will conduct working sessions and exchanges with faculty, students and guests of BUV.

This is an opportunity for high school students, parents and BUV students to exchange and share about the education and culture of the United Kingdom. Guests will have the chance to ask Mr. Chris Jenney about the Banking and Finance programme offered by the University of London.

This is one of BUV’s many outstanding events in 2016, which promises to deliver extremely useful information about the banking and finance market and career prospects for graduates in the coming years.

Find out more about University of London

Find out information about the BSc in Banking and Finance awarded by the University of London and studying for the degree in Vietnam

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