BUV’s First Year Students Have Fun In Their Very First Team Building Trip

Posted on: 18/10/2016

The freshmen had their first team building trip with friends, faculty, and staff at Asean Resort and Spa. They worked in teams and had to overcome many challenges. They got to enjoy many outdoor activities, tried local cuisines, and had plenty of fun. In the end they felt recharged and ready for the new semester.

Joining the trip, Adam Tallouzi, a BUV student said: “Team building was more than a trip for me. It was a different experience. I met new people and I fell in love with them. Also this trip proved to me that I made the right choice, which is studying at BUV. It was a new beginning for a brightening future and a better tomorrow and it empowered me to struggle for success in the coming year of studying and it also makes Vietnam a home away from home for me.”

Jun Alejo Bathan, one of BUV’s lecturers happily shared the following: “Everybody had fun, being creative to find solutions to the challenges they were faced with during various team building activities. Students as well as their lecturers came together, made progress and worked together to achieve success.

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