BUV proudly accompanies the 2017 National Science and Technical Competition

Posted on: 28/03/2017

The annual National Science and Technical Competition for middle school and high school students, organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, has attracted a large number of participants and is highly-ranked among various reputable educational organizations. This year there are 458 projects in 22 areas with a total of 821 students participating. BUV is honored to be one of the main sponsors, accompanying the competition for four consecutive years. This year, BUV is sponsoring 10 IELTS scholarships at BUV Training Center for 10 outstanding individuals participating in the 2017 National Science and Technical Competition. This means that each participant will receive a scholarship of VND 10,000,000 value, making the total value of BUV’s sponsorship VND 100,000,000

With experience in International Education investment, BUV’s Board of Directors were proud to establish BUV Training Center, committing to bring about an authentic international-standard learning environment with great education quality, equipping students with English knowledge and important skills to succeed in leadership positions in both domestic and foreign organizations. The IELTS course is one of BUV Training Center’s pioneering programmes. With a total course time of 70 hours, ranging from 01 to 03 months, students will get to improve their academic English skills, be it for studying or career development in an international environment. Excellent winners of the 2017 National Science and Technical Competition will be awarded with this scholarship.

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