A BUV Lecturer Is The Judge Of English Speaking Contest At FPT High School

Posted on: 25/01/2017

In 28 December, Mr. Jasper Roe, BUV’s English Programme Leader, participated as a member in Judges Panel of an English Speaking Contest named “Pick the mic – Speak your mind”, hosted by FPT high school.

The competition is an opportunity for students, who are good at English, critical thinking and presentation to perform their talents. Proud to be the only international university joining in the Judges Panel, Jasper Roe was able to help select the best candidates and award them valuable gifts. At the ‘Study Abroad Festival’, Jasper also consulted and informed FPT High School students about British education as well as BUV’s valuable scholarships.

BUV believes that extra-curricular activities provide students with useful playgrounds to develop their personality and skills. Hence, BUV regularly takes part in and sponsors meaningful activities for students such as Blood Donation Sunday “Chủ nhật đỏ”, the National Science and Technology Competition, the “GLN New Face” talent contest, the “VAS Games” sport tournament, and many more.

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