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Học bổng hoàng tử Andrew

HRH Prince Andrew scholarship

(*) Please note that HRH Prince Andrew scholarship is not applicable to current British University Vietnam students.

Selection Process and Timeline

Step 1 - Application Period Opens 

We begin with a road show programme at high schools in Hanoi, to introduce the HRH Prince Andrew Scholarship.

Applicants can register for the scholarship through various channels:
- At high schools (via Students' Union or Vice- Principal)
- Online registration on BUV’s website (
- At British University Vietnam, 193 Ba Trieu, Hanoi

Step 2 - Guidance on applications

Candidates need to submit their full application with academic transcript of Year 12 and other supporting documents to complete the scholarship application package.

Supporting documents required for your full application by 15/05/2017 include:

A complete scholarship application form; Copy of National Identification card (notarized); Copy of High school graduate diploma or relevant qualification (notarized); Academic transcript with full 12th year transcripts (notarized); IELTS certificate (if available); Evidence of disability (if relevant) or need for financial support (if relevant); 2 passport sized photos (must be 2 copies of the same photo taken within the last 6 months). Originals in Vietnamese are NOT required to be translated into English. Applicants are required to submit one set of supporting documents with their application.

Step 3 - Shortlisting

Step 4 - Informing shortlisted candidates

Step 5 - Scholarship finalists announced


A Scholarship Panel is established annually to approve a short-list of candidates.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email and post.

The finalists will be informed of detailed schedules and guidelines for next steps.

Step 6 - English proficiency test

Applicants who are not available for this test or cannot be contacted will have their applications withdrawn unless they have submitted a valid IELTS certificate of minimum 6.0 with no individual sub-band below 5.5 with their application. If candidates do not live in Hanoi, arrangements to attend the test will be undertaken at the centres authorised by British University Vietnam closest to the candidates’ place of residence.

Step 7 - Final Interview

Only the top 20 candidates will be invited to attend a formal interview with the Scholarship Interview Panel in Hanoi.

Applicants who do not reside in Hanoi will need to travel to Hanoi for the final Interview. All agreed travel costs (flight/ train and bus ticket – economy class only) will be covered by the University.

Step 8 - Winner Announcement

Step 9 - Award Ceremony


All short-listed candidates will be informed of the final decision.

To receive the scholarship students will have to agree to the written offer and to the terms of scholarship.

Scholarship Calendar

1. Introduction

HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Scholarship programme is a full scholarship valued at more than 700,000,000 VND and covers the tuition fees for Pathway programmes and an undergraduate courses at the British University Vietnam in addition to the travelling cost for attending the scholarship interview round for students who are not in Hanoi (if needed). BUV Bachelor programmes are taught in Vietnam but awarded by UK reputed public universities.

A key feature of the programme is to contribute to Vietnam’s development through providing the world class higher education opportunities offered at the first British owned university in Vietnam. The awardees are selected based on a combination of previous academic performance, relevant experience of community work and the potential to become leaders in the public sector, business and academia. The scholarship programme is named after a member of British royal family – Prince Andrew, Duke of York, UK, including 04 full scholarships every year. Until now there have been 22 Vietnamese students proudly being awarded this scholarship. They are the pride of their family and school.

2. Fields of study in 2017

The scholarship programme for 2017 applies to the following courses, which are entirely taught at BUV:

BA International Business Management
BA Marketing Management
BA Accounting and Finance
BA Tourism Management

3. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, all applicants must:
(a) Be a citizen of Vietnam and reside in Vietnam at the time of application,
(b) At the time of application be not more than 30 years of age,
(c) Before being awarded the scholarship, have completed secondary school at the time of application with a minimum of GPA in Year 12th of minimum7.5,
(d) Submit a personal statement, (please refer to the 6 questions in the scholarship application form) by the stated closing date,
(e) Meet the English language entry requirements of the applied programme of study,
(f) Not hold any other scholarships.

4. English Requirements

There are no requirements for evidence of English ability at the time of application, however the language in use in the application and both interview rounds will be English. Hence it is recommended that applicants should have a minimum English achievement level equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.0

5. Selection Criteria

A Scholarship Panel will select candidates based on an assessment of the following factors:

Academic results
Volunteer/Community work experience
Relevance of proposed study
Need for financial support
Potential contribution to the University
Leadership potential

7. General terms and conditions

Awardees are eligible for the scholarships during the time that they are studying the 3-year course and Foundation is required. The withdrawal of a student at any time will lead to the scholarship being terminated;

British University Vietnam will not refund any fees paid for courses which have been or are being studied by scholarship winners.

This scholarship will cover all tuition and resource fees only, other charges are not included. The scholarship will be deducted from the annual tuition fee of the winners and subject to change upon the winner’s academic performance. Continuation of the award is subject to successful completion of all assessments;

Should the applicant withdraw from the programme before satisfactory completion of the programme, he/she will have to comply with the Refund Policy laid down by the British University Vietnam;

If a scholarship holder withdraws from the programme of study, the University reserves the right to obtain full reimbursement of the tuition fees, and any other fees and allowances that have been incurred. These must be repaid to University within three months of withdrawal.

8. Application Form

Download the final Scholarship Application Form Here:

Where and when to submit your applications Application submission deadline: 15/05/2017.

Emailed or faxed applications will not be considered. All applications with all supporting documents must be hand-delivered or sent via post to:

HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Scholarship Programme
British University Vietnam - 193 Ba Trieu, Hanoi, Vietnam

Previous Winners

Nguyen Bao Linh – Deputy Secretary of Chu Van An School’s Communist Youth Union

Vuong Phuong Linh – Chinese Class Monitor at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, IELTS 8.0

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen – Delegate of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths

Le Yen Linh – First Prize in the National Excellent Student Contest, Dance Club Vice President

Nguyen Bao Linh – Deputy Secretary of Chu Van An School’s Communist Youth Union

Bao Linh impresses others with her maturity, independence, and clear 5-year plan for the future, aiming to achieve a Bachelor’s degree at BUV before obtaining a scholarship for a Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Switzerland.

Bao Linh’s success in the HRH Prince Andrew Scholarship is an interesting story. Linh’s father preferred public universities, and demanded that Linh passed the National Entrance Exam and be accepted by top public universities first, before choosing which university she would study at. Bao Linh didn’t let this discourage her, and she redoubled her efforts to tackle both the university entrance exam and BUV’s scholarship application. BUV’s Student Recruitment department assisted her with information and interview preparation, and she was able to succeed in her goal.

Bao Linh’s bravery and determination led her to achieve the first step of her five-year plan; she succeeded in winning the HRH Prince Andrew Scholarship at BUV. We know she’ll succeed in the rest of her plan.

Vuong Phuong Linh – Chinese Class Monitor at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, IELTS 8.0

People are often surprised to hear that one of the four full scholarship winners is the monitor of a Chinese class at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. With the goal of becoming a multilingual person, Phuong Linh is learning French after becoming fluent in both Chinese and English. She has achieved an admirable IELTS score of 8.0.

Phuong Linh describes herself as stubborn with a strong personality. For Linh, studying at school is not the most important thing, as she wants to accumulate as many real life experiences as possible. As an example, Linh managed the human resources of ‘KinderArt’ and ‘Burst Outta Box’ projects, and was a member of the communications team of “Hanoi Queer”, and organization protecting LGBTQ rights.

Since she was a 12th grade student, Phuong Linh has been completely self-financing and saving through several part-time jobs. Linh works as an assistant for an American writer, the owner of a publishing house in Seattle, the United States, who writes books on human rights. Additionally, Linh translates movies for a foreign partner. With a passion for business and desire to challenge herself, Phuong Linh is currently starting a small business project on the Instagram platform.

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen – Delegate of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen graduated from Quoc Hoc High School in Hue, and  has since gone on to great things. She was selected as one of 22 of Vietnam’s delegated of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Programme (JENESYS). She also won the third prize in English eloquence, held by the World Bank and Hue University.

In late 2016, Hai Yen was a first year student at a large public university in Ho Chi Minh City. However, after one semester Yen felt that the traditional style of education wasn’t for her. She left her studies and dedicated herself to planning her future. Originally, driven by her passion for English, she planned to open an English centre, but after some consideration she realized that she needed the practical experience and business knowledge necessary for such a venture.  

This led Yen to choose studying at an international university in Vietnam, and drove her to apply for the HRH Prince Andrew Scholarship at BUV. Yen commented, “I fell in love with the UK a long time ago, and that’s a reason that I decided to study at BUV and apply for this scholarship. I spent a lot of time and effort learning about the university and the selection criteria, and I prepared thoroughly for the selection rounds. I believe that’s what helped me to succeed.”

Le Yen Linh – First Prize in the National Excellent Student Contest, Dance Club Vice President

Yen Linh’s student profile is phenomenal, and that’s why everyone who knows Linh agrees that she deserves this scholarship. Yen Linh graduated from Tran Phu Specialized High School in Hai Phong, with a GPA of 9.3-9.4 out of 10. Yen Linh won first prize in the National Excellent Student Contest, and also achieved an IELTS score of 8.5 and an SAT score of 1470/1600.

Yen Linh doesn’t just achieve academically. She is proactive and energetic in other fields, too. As a member of GZB dance group since the 10th grade, Yen Linh has had several years performing cover dances of Korean acts. Yen Linh has quickly integrated into BUV’s international environment and has recently been elected Vice President of BUV’s Dance Club.

Ms. Pham Thi Oanh, Yen Linh’s mother, recounted the story of her success:When my daughter called and told me that she was granted the HRH Prince Andrew scholarship, I was extremely happy. I observed all her effort, studying for the graduation exams and preparing her scholarship application at the same time, and so I knew she was very determined to pursue an international-standard education. I hope that becoming a BUV student will give her an opportunity to hone her knowledge and skills, enabling her to spread her wings and succeed in life”.

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